Paula and Graham

We were honored to document Paula and Graham’s wedding in Grand Lake, Colorado. We met them the night before their wedding because they took a vintage speed boat across the lake to their rehearsal dinner. It started raining right as they were en route, but that didn’t stop them from having a blast!
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The night before their wedding, snow fell on the tops of the mountains surrounding us. The morning of their wedding was chilly and very foggy, but that didn’t stop them from doing one of their favorite past times at Grand Lake–water skiing! The fog made for some really unique photos and their wet suits kept them warm…sort of 😉
paulaandgraham 14paulaandgraham 15paulaandgraham 16paulaandgraham 17paulaandgraham 18paulaandgraham 19paulaandgraham 20paulaandgraham 21paulaandgraham 22What we loved most about their wedding is that they truly thought about the things most important to them and made sure to incorporate those things… The boat ride to the rehearsal dinner, the morning water skiing, Paula’s famous breakfast burritos, being in the outdoors, using an open field for their ceremony site (not to mention that Graham MADE the pergola that they stood under!), having their dog around all day, and they had their reception at Graham’s parents cabin, complete with a bluegrass band, bonfire, all their favorite sweets, and strung lights. It was all just perfect! So much more we could say, but we’ll let the photos tell the rest of the story.paulaandgraham 23paulaandgraham 24paulaandgraham 25paulaandgraham 26paulaandgraham 27paulaandgraham 28paulaandgraham 29paulaandgraham 30paulaandgraham 31paulaandgraham 32paulaandgraham 33paulaandgraham 34paulaandgraham 35paulaandgraham 36paulaandgraham 37paulaandgraham 38paulaandgraham 39paulaandgraham 40paulaandgraham 41paulaandgraham 42paulaandgraham 43paulaandgraham 44paulaandgraham 45paulaandgraham 46paulaandgraham 47WeddingPartypaulaandgraham 48paulaandgraham 49WeddingParty-37paulaandgraham 50paulaandgraham 51paulaandgraham 52paulaandgraham 53paulaandgraham 54paulaandgraham 55paulaandgraham 56paulaandgraham 57paulaandgraham 58paulaandgraham 59paulaandgraham 60paulaandgraham 61paulaandgraham 62paulaandgraham 63paulaandgraham 64paulaandgraham 65paulaandgraham 66paulaandgraham 67paulaandgraham 68paulaandgraham 69paulaandgraham 70paulaandgraham 71paulaandgraham 72paulaandgraham 73paulaandgraham 74paulaandgraham 75paulaandgraham 76paulaandgraham 77paulaandgraham 78paulaandgraham 79paulaandgraham 80paulaandgraham 81paulaandgraham 82paulaandgraham 83paulaandgraham 84paulaandgraham 85paulaandgraham 86paulaandgraham 89paulaandgraham 87paulaandgraham 88paulaandgraham 90paulaandgraham 91paulaandgraham 92paulaandgraham 93paulaandgraham 94paulaandgraham 95paulaandgraham 96paulaandgraham 97paulaandgraham 98paulaandgraham 99paulaandgraham 100paulaandgraham 101paulaandgraham 102paulaandgraham 103paulaandgraham 104paulaandgraham 105paulaandgraham 106paulaandgraham 107paulaandgraham 108paulaandgraham 109paulaandgraham 110paulaandgraham 111paulaandgraham 112paulaandgraham 113paulaandgraham 114Bride’s Dress: BHLDN

Caterer: Sagebrush BBQ

Florist: Bittersweet Designs

Tents, chair, & tables: Colorado Tents & Events

Hair & Makeup: Fraser Hair Company

Band: WMD Bluegrass

Wedding Coordinators: Karen Stone & Cathy Nixon

Jewelry: Old Town Goldworks

Cake and desserts: Friends and family!

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