Office Organization with Krissy with “2B Organized KC”

You guys, you need Krissy in your life! Not only is she a genius at organization, but she’s super sweet and fun too! Our office is in a main area of our house, but as most offices end up, it became a “catch all” of so many things. I was always trying to keep up with it, but since things didn’t have an “official place” it was SO hard. I also didn’t have the time or energy to dedicate a few days to getting it all figured out, not to mention the time to shop for everything as well. Insert Krissy. She swooped in first thing in the morning, having already shopped for all the things she thought I might need (plus some extras just in case), and got right to work, getting out all the things to sort through. We literally got everything out of every drawer and cabinet and started sorting and putting into piles. I somehow threw away 1 large trash bag of stuff — I mean for as small of a space as it is, that’s kind of crazy!

I told her what “systems” we needed for our home and business (bills, important documents, packaging for our clients, etc.), and she created sections for each of those things and everything just fit into place seamlessly! One of my favorite things she did for us, was organizing all our paperwork. It was 10 plus years worth of paperwork I wasn’t sure what to do with, but she helped me sort through it all, decide what could be thrown away, and then sat and made folders for each category of papers that should be saved. She also helped me create a closet dedicated just to our photography equipment. Wow, I can’t tell you how great that feels!!! She bought soft sided containers for our cameras and lenses, and had bins to help separate batteries, flashes, camera cards, etc. Now, when we come home from a shoot, we can nicely and safely put each thing away. To top it off, she had a label maker and several options for labels on hand, and I got to pick what kind of labels I wanted, and then she went through everything and labeled it all. WOW!

I can’t tell you how much better I feel now having an organized space-especially our office! It feels so much more presentable and WAY more functional now. I’m not sure when we would have ever done this on our own, even though it needed it. Whether you have an office like me, an art studio, a food pantry, or a kid’s room that needs a spruce up, you will not regret getting her help, expertise, and she can get you her discount at several stores!

Below you’ll see a couple “before photos” for reference, and then you’ll see the space slowly meld into a beautiful and organized area =)

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