Camera Class

Our next “Learning to Shoot in Manual With Confidence” class is:

January 27th, 9:00 am to 1:00 pm


Buying a nicer camera, doesn’t necessarily mean that you automatically get nicer photos. A camera on “auto” will always read the brightest light, which is not always the subject you’re trying to photograph. Your camera also doesn’t know what effect you’re going for for a particular camera and just does what it thinks is best. Learning to shoot in manual is the best way to fully use the camera you own. This puts YOU in charge of how you want the photo to look and to properly expose the subject you’re photographing. Learning to shoot in manual is overwhelming to most and it’s hard to learn by just watching videos online or reading manuals. We designed this class to be very hands-on to make sure you’re not just understanding the mechanics, but also able to perform what you learn as well. We keep the class sizes small, Phil and I both teach the class so that there’s 2 of us to answer questions and help you adjust your settings, and we leave plenty of time for putting it all into practice. Our main focus is learning how and why to adjust ISO, Aperture, and Shutter Speed, and then we also spend time talking about composing a photo, how to find the best light in any situation, what different lenses are for, and what all the other settings on your camera mean. This class is for the one who bought a camera and feels overwhelmed how to start learning to use it and also for the one who has attempted to shoot in manual but wants to make sure they fully understand what they’re adjusting and why!


“I was the person that relied on shooting in ‘auto’ because I had no idea how to make the necessary adjustments on my camera to really capture the moment. My photos were turning out ok, but with a new little one, I really wanted my pictures to be perfect. During the class, they truly took the time to walk us thru what every setting will ultimately effect, and the steps to take when adjusting based on the environment. Your level of experience doesn’t matter – they cater to your needs and make sure everyone understands. After running thru the settings, they’ll have you put your learning into action around the studio, while providing feedback/answering questions on anything you might need get the picture how you wanted. I now feel more confident than ever using my camera! It’s been so much fun practicing different lighting, angles, and environments with my baby and I love how the photos have been turning out. I truly could not have done this without the help of Phil and Briana! Thank you both for providing me the ability to take a lifetime of beautiful pictures.”   –Kim S.

“If I could rate Briana and Phil’s photography class 10 stars, I would. I bought my DSLR 5 years ago, but never learned to properly use it. Learning to shoot in manual seemed so overwhelming, so I settled for mediocre photos on “auto” mode. Their instruction made learning to shoot in manual seem like a piece of a cake. As a single mother, I am always looking for extra ways to make money, and pursuing photography has given me the opportunity to do something I love while making extra cash on the side.” –Lexie O.


“The class was super fun and casual. We took pictures inside and outside to get hands on experience which was helpful to see the different lighting effects. Briana and Phil were very patient and never made anyone feel like they should have come more prepared. They were able to catch everyone up to speed pretty quickly so that we all felt like we were on the same page. I know there may be other classes out there, but I don’t know that you will find a better experience with a class catered to you verses catered to the masses.”  –Heather S.

“When I first got my camera, I only knew how to use it by putting the setting on auto. During the class, they made it so easy for me to understand the basic functions of what my Canon could do by putting it on manual and that I could be in charge of how I want my pictures to turn out. We did lots of hands on practice both indoors and outdoors which made me feel more comfortable using my new camera. The also made me feel welcome to ask any questions I had.”  –Holly M.


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