Ballew Family

The Ballew Family were a recipient of last year’s Christmas shoot giveaway. Laurisa was pregnant at the time she found out though, we we decided to wait until the baby came to document their family. The Ballew family’s oldest child, Emmaus, has Tuberous Sclerosis which is a rare multi-system genetic disease that causes non-malignant tumors to grow in the brain and on other vital organs such as the kidneys, heart, eyes, lungs, and skin. A combination of symptoms may include seizures, developmental delay, behavioral problems, skin abnormalities, lung and kidney disease. To say their road has been hard is an understatement, but they seem to battle it head on and aren’t afraid to share their story to educate others and for God’s glory. Rather than me saying any more about it though, please visit their blog to read more about Emmaus and their family: .

Their church recently did a short video that tells a little bit about their daily life and struggles they encounter:

I’m so glad we got together and documented their family hanging out! I love all the little moments we captured =)


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